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Riata Bermuda Grass - 25 Lb. Pail
Riata Bermuda Grass - 25 Lb. Pail

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'Riata' is a blend of superior seeded bermudagrasses specially formulated for close grazing livestock or heavily grazed paddocks.  Both varieties have superior proven winter hardiness to as far north as Kansas City, Missouri and both greenup in the spring earlier than any other seeded forage bermudagrasses.  Individually, 'Riviera' is a high performance turf-type bermudagrass with extremely high shoot density, fine leaf texture, and excellent wear recovery.  'Riviera' is used in many professional and college sportsturf applications, proving its ability to withstand rigorous traffic wear.  'Riviera' can be mowed to 3/8 inch and continues to thrive. 'Wrangler' is a medium-textured bermudagrass, which grows taller and has a wider leaf blade.  Together these varieties offer the best package for the equine professional when it comes to maximizing forage production and grazing tolerance.  For the transition zone there is not a better performing forage to withstand the rigors of intensive and close grazing horses, especially in small paddocks where extreme traffic is an issue.

Plant Characteristics of 'Riata' Bermudagrass

Height 6 to12 inches
Growth habit sod forming grass
Bloom period mid summer
Sun requirement full sun
Leaf foilage color green
Seeds per pound 600,000 coated
Minimum soil temperaturefor germination 65ยบ F
Soil pH range 5.5 to 8.0
Planting Rate 1 lb/2000 sq ft; 12lbs/acre
Planting Depth 1/4 inch
Planting Season Spring to summer

Uses of 'Riata' Premium Bermudagrass Blend


'Riata' Bermudagrass Blend is a great choice for confined or closed grazing livestock. Excellent traffic tolerance and highly palatable forage are just a few of advantages that 'Riata' offer. 

Soil stabilization

'Riata's combination of qualities enables it a good fit for many applications. All these great qualities provide the very best in stress tolerances and adaptation. Highly erodible areas are easily remedied once 'Riata' is established.  Once established 'Riata' provides the strongest possible ground cover to protect the area from further damage.

Industrial Turf, Parks and Recreation

'Riata' also works well for a wide variety of turf applications. 'Riata' is less expensive than 'Riviera' and provides a far superior surface for heavily used areas.

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