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Pyrethrum TR Fogger Insecticide - 2 Oz. Advion Insect Granular Bait - 4 lb
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Pyrethrum TR Fogger Insecticide - 2 Oz. Advion Insect Granular Bait - 4 lb

Pyrethrum TR Fogger

Pyrethrum TR Total Release Insecticide controls a wide variety of insects in greenhouses, garden centers, and nurseries. Pyrethrum TR Total Release reduces costs because there is no need for expensive fogging equipment and there is no chemical mixing or cleans up afterward. One can provide up to 3,000 sq ft of coverage. Use Pyrethrum TR Total Release with cut flowers, bedding plants, foliage, ornamentals, potted flowering plants, hanging flowering baskets, vegetables (leafy, bulb, root and tuber, Brassica leafy, cucurbit, and fruiting), and herbs.

Advion Insect Granular Bait
Advion Insect granular bait with a MetaActive effect features a new bait matrix that is highly attractive to target pests, resulting in greater control.

- Can be applied in multiple ways and settings;
- Provides effective control of pests;
- High performance;
- Ideal for use in sensitive areas;
- Provides excellent control at high volume rates;
- Ideal for flexible residential and commercial applications;
- Active ingredient: Indoxacarb (22%).

This product can be used:
- It can be applied by hand, a hand spreader, or using a granule duster.
- The granulated formula can be sprinkled outdoors, as well as indoors, covering a wide range of areas known to have insect activity;
- In residential and commercial areas, lawns, in public and institutional landscaped areas, in recreational areas, basements of buildings or structure, crawl spaces, attics, sport fields.

Tri-Die Pyrethrin Dust - 5 Lbs
Our Price: $161.45
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Tri-Die Pyrethrin Dust - 5 Lbs

Tri-Die Silica + Pyrethrum Dust - 5 lb

8% silica gel powder and 0.6% synergized pyrethrin Micro-Pro technology.

Combines the repellency of prethrin and the long term stability and repellency ofthe silica dust. Ideal product for voids where kill and exclusion of insects are important.