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Liquid Copper Sulfate Copper Sulfate Crystals (Pentahydrate)
Copper Sulfate Powder (Pentahydrate) Green Clean Pro Algaecide

Algae & Moss Control

For algae control and moss control we feature a line of pond cleaners that contain 99% copper sulfate pentahydrate crystals and are meant to counteract moss and algae in ponds, lakes as well as control plant root growth in sewer lines.

We also feature an EPA-approved product that contains no copper – Green Clean Pro Algaecide. This granular product provides immediate control of algae, oxidizing cell membranes and chlorophyll within 60 seconds of contact. The active ingredient, sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate, biodegrades completely and even adds oxygen to the water. It can also be used on unpainted surfaces like walkways, beaches and docks.

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Copper Sulfate (Pentahydrate) Powder - 1 Lb. Liquid Copper Fungicide - 8 oz.
Copper Sulfate Crystal Copper Sulfate Granular Crystals - 1 Lb.
SA - 20 Disinfectant - 1 Pint Liquid Copper Fungicide - 1 Pint
Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate Powder Copper Sulfate Crystals - 5 Lbs.
GreenClean Max Granular - 2 Lbs. Copper Sulfate Granular Crystals - 2.5 Lbs.
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