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Tecomate Seed | Alfalfa, Clover & Seed Grass

Tecomate Seed, a leading name in wildlife nutrition, offers some of the finest food plot seed found anywhere. Whether you're planting alfalfa seed, clover seed, Tecomate grass seed or the popular Monster Mix that contains white and red clover plus chicory, when you use Tecomate food plot seed you're getting the highest quality there is.

Not only do we offer the best quality products here at Seed Ranch, including the full line of Tecomate food plot seed such as Lab Lab, Ultra Forage, Max Attract, Buckbeans and Brassica, but we also have the most attractive prices and highest caliber service to go along with it.

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Tecomate Sunn Hemp Food Plot - 8 Lbs. Tecomate Chicory Food Plot Seed 4 Lbs.
Tecomate LabLab Plus Seed - 20 Lbs. Tecomate LabLab Seed - 20 Lbs.
Tecomate LabLab Seed  - 50 Lbs.