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Find every kind of fertilizer from A to Z (Aluminum Sulfate to Zinc Sulfate) here at Seed Ranch and take advantage of our guaranteed low prices whether you're buying by the pound or by the pallet. Choose an all-organic, all-purpose 10-2-8 fertilizer by Dynamite or pick their special 13-5-11 Palm & Citrus fertilizer for greening your palms and producing bigger and juicier fruit (including avocados). One application is good for nine months.

We carry more than 50 varieties of high quality fertilizer products, both in liquid and granular form, from top name manufacturers including Pennington, Southern AG and Dynamite. Also check out the Hydretain Moisture Management products designed to cut water use by 50 percent, especially recommended for drought areas.

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Potassium Nitrate Powder - KNO3 Better Gro Orchid Fertilizer 16 Oz.
Potassium Nitrate Granule - KNO3 - 1 Lb. Granular Sulphur Fertilizer - 1 Lb.
Chelated Flower & Garden Nutritional Spray - 1 Pt. Plug Fast 12-12-6 Plug Fertilizer - 5 Lbs.
Chelated Citrus Nutritional Spray - 1 Pint Controlled Release 18-6-12 Fertilizer - 1 Lb.
Southern Ag STOP Blossom-End Rot of Tomatoes 1 Pt. Chelated Palm Fertilizer - 1 Pint
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