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Osmocote 19-6-9 Pro Fusion Fertilizer - 50 Lbs.
Osmocote 19-6-9 Pro Fusion Fertilizer - 50 Lbs.

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Osmocote Pro Fusion Technology Fertilizer 19-6-9
5-6 Month Longevity

Osmocote Pro Fusion Technology has been specially developed for surface applications in container nursery stock. When applied as directed, the unique Fusion Technology works to bind the prills to the growing media. Should containers get knocked over, more of the fertilizer stays in place, minimizing the need for reapplication. This formulation is designed to deliver nutrients for 5-6 months in media with an average temperature of 70 degrees F.

Rate of use varies by application; see label for details.

Guaranteed analysis:
19% Total Nitrogen (5.6% ammoniacal, 4.4% nitrate, 9% urea)
6% Available Phosphate
9% Soluble Potash
0.6% Magnesium (0.24% water soluble)
7% Sulfur (3% combined, 4% free)
0.1% Copper (0.1% water soluble)
1% Iron (1% water soluble, 0.03% chelated)
0.14% Manganese (0.14% water soluble)
0.007% Molybdenum
0.05% Zinc (0.05% water soluble)

For professional use only.

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