Triad SFZ Select Heribicide (Surge Alternative) - 1 Gal
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(On Backorder) Triad SFZ Select Heribicide (Surge Alternative) - 1 Gal
Triad SFZ Select Heribicide (Surge Alternative) - 1 Gal

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Triad SFZ Select contains four active ingredients, including sulfentrazone, that broaden the spectrum of post-emergent broadleaf weed control with proven performance in turfgrass. Weed injury symptoms can be noticed within hours of the application and plant death can occur within ten to fourteen days. TRIAD SFZ SELECT is generally rainfast in as little as six hours. These combined herbicides provide limited residual activity at specified use rates.  Sulfentrazone is in the aryl triazolinone family and inhibits protoporphyrinogen oxidase (Protox) a pivotal enzyme in chlorophyll production. Without this key enzyme, a build-up of peroxide-like compounds occur thus causing the plant cell membranes of weeds to rupture.

• Visible results in 24-48 hours

• Water-based formulation

• Tough on weeds, gentle on established turfgrass

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