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Water Retaining Polymer - 5 Lbs.
Water Retaining Polymer - 5 Lbs.

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Water Retaining Polymer for Soils and Substrates

These medium-sized water absorbing crystals become a gel upon contact with water, increasing the water holding capacity of soils, enhancing plant growth, delaying the wilting point, and providing a buffer effect against climatic hazards. Total water holding capacity depends on the electrolyte concentration in water; in distilled water, the water retaining polymer can absorb up to 400 times its weight, while in substrates its capacity varies between 100-200 times its weight. In addition to its water retention benefits, the absorption/desorption cycle creates soil porosity, improving aeration balance. Water absorbing crystals are useful for forestry, horticulture, transplanting, and large scale farming.

Suggested uses:
  • Pre-hydrate and implemented directly in the field
  • Incorporate into a substrate (dry or hydrated) and use for nurseries/potting mix
  • Implement in the sowing coulter during crop sowing, using a pneumatic micro granular spreader

Application guidelines:
  • Turf and ornamentals:
    • Trees: 1 oz./ 3 ft. of height
    • Potted Plants: 0.25 oz. (1 Tbsp)/ 3 gallon pot
    • Flower Beds: 1 lb./100 sq. ft. of soil
    • Turf Soil Preparation: 5-10 lbs./1000 sq. ft. (250-450 lbs./acre)
    • Bulk Soil Blending: 2-4 lbs./cubic yard
    • Root Dip: 1-4 oz./gallon of water
  • Hydroseeding: 10-30 lbs./acre
  • Agriculture:
    • In Furrow at Seeding: 5-20 lbs./acre
    • In Pre-Plant Blend: 5-20 lbs./acre
    • Broadcast Rate: Min. 15 lbs./acre

Active ingredient:
Polyacrylic Acid-Salt (Cross-linked): 99.7%

Non-toxic and 100% biodegradable.

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