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Gemini Granular Herbicide - 50 lbs.
Gemini Granular Herbicide - 50 lbs.

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Gemini Granular® with patent pending R-50 Optimizer™ is a powerful, flexible weed management tool that controls 120+ weeds with a low risk of Phytotoxicity. R-50 Optimizer™ gives Gemini® Granular the power to stop weeds with less active ingredient, allowing the weed manager to make more applications per year, or reduce the active ingredient applied per acre of nursery.

Gemini® Granular rate range goes from 100-200 pounds per acre per application with a maximum application rate per year of 375 lbs. At higher rates, weed control will last longer. Research has shown weed control at high rates for up to 4 months, and low rates 60-90 days.

Whether the applicator is looking for a longer-duration pre-emergent herbicide that will be tolerated by a very broad range of crops, or a herbicide to slip into the window where the existing program doesn't quite hold up, Gemini® Granular with R-50 Optimizer™ is the right choice.


Application Instructions

Newly-Transplanted Container or
Field Nursery Stock

• Do not apply until soil has settled around transplants and roots have formed.

• Do not apply to wet foliage as damage may occur.

• Apply after cuttings form roots and are established.

• To avoid inhibition of the tissue union, apply before budding/grafting or after buds/grafts have taken.

• Do not apply to pots less than six inches wide

Established Container, Field Nursery Stock, or Landscape Plants

• Apply at any time as an over-the-top, or soil directed application.

Landscape (or Ornamental) Plantings

• Apply as an over-the-top, or as a soil directed application.

• Delay applications to newly transplanted ornamentals until soil has settled around transplants.

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