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 Spring / Summer Wildlife Food Plot

  • Spring/Summer annual
  • Designed to provide high protein and massive tonnage during the antler growing, fawning and lactating times of late spring and summer.
  • More tonnage than any other competing product tested
  • Includes a true forage-type, vining soybean that can tolerate heavy grazing better than agricultural soybean types
  • Includes climbing forage peas, and Lablab for increased tonnage variety and pounds of protein
  • Includes a small amount structural plants (sunflowers and high quality wildlife sorghum) to provide lattice for vining legumes to climb, maximizing production
  • Do not plant until soil temperatures reach a constant 65°F, day and night

Before PowerPlant, it was sometimes difficult to get a stand of peas or beans to last. As soon as the plants were an inch or two high,...

the deer grazed them down, and that was the end of it. PowerPlant helps reduce the likelihood of an overgrazing problem by using a special mix of high-protein annuals that can better withstand early grazing and then continue to thrive, even in summer heat. The heart of PowerPlant is a vining high-protein forage soybean that produces big, succulent leaves and beans that deer love. High protein vining peas are also included in the PowerPlant blend. PowerPlant also contains small amounts of taller structured plants to give the vines something to climb on, and the forage in PowerPlant can reach 6 feet in height. PowerPlant also contains Lab-Lab for even more drought tolerance. PowerPlant not only provides tons of high-protein forage but attractive bedding areas as well. After surviving the early grazing phase, PowerPlant goes on to provide excellent nutrition for the rest of the year. In the fall, when the plants mature, the deer will continue to graze the beans and peas until the plot is totally exhausted. The wide variety of plants in the blend make PowerPlant a dependable producer of high protein forage for your deer. If you’ve been troubled by low yields and overgrazing in your spring plots, PowerPlant can help solve your problems. PowerPlant is designed to be planted in the spring.