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T.L.C. Plus

Kentucky bluegrass is known for its ability to net lawns together – to “sod” plants in and create a bit of cushion or thatch. Many times this type of surface is preferred in athletic situations, like a soccer field. But growing Kentucky bluegrass by itself can be more demanding, especially as it relates to fertilization and water. That’s why we developed T.L.C. Plus tall fescue/bluegrass mixture. T.L.C. Plus is mostly composted of our T.L.C. fescues with Titan genetics PLUS a small percentage of Kentucky bluegrass. This formula will be able to access water and nutrients at a deep level and be able to take the pressures of sun, shade, and heat, while still looking great. The Kentucky bluegrass component adds additional rhizome activity to provide a quicker recovery. In selected regions, T.L.C. Plus includes a heat-tolerant Kentucky Bluegrasses, like Thermal Blue. T.L.C. Plus is ideal for athletic fields, sod production, and other application where extra wear tolerance is needed.