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Our termite control options include Taurus SC (suspension concentrate) and Termidor SC, both of which are water-based termiticide/insecticide solutions containing 9.1 percent Fipronil as the active ingredient. These are both proven to eliminate termites in 90 days or less, can be used for either pre- or post-construction application and are lethal to termites by ingestion and/or contact with other tainted insects.

As a green alternative, Bora-Care is used to treat wood rather than being pumped into the ground. It penetrates the wood and offers extended protection against re-infestation, backed by a 12-year warranty for damage repair. Winner of the 2006 Green Builder Magazine award for Best in Show, Bora-Care qualifies for LEED points and credits associated with various other Green Building Programs. It's also effective in eliminating certain wood-destroying beetles as well as wood rot and fungus.

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Temprid SC Insecticide - 8 ml. Cimexa insecticide dust - 4 oz
Demon WP - 1 Pack Timbor Insecticide and Fungicide - 1.5 Lbs.
Cyper WSP Insecticide - 4 x 0.33 Oz. Packets Premise Foam Termicide
Premise Foam Termicide
Our Price: $21.75
Prime Source's Imidacloprid 2F Termiticide/Insecticide - 27.5 oz. Bifen I/T - 1 Pint
Bifen I/T - 1 Pint
Our Price: $24.95
Demon Max Insecticide Cypermethrin - 1 Pint Termidor Foam Termiticide - 20 Oz.
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